About last night...Alex da Corte's "Free Money," an enormous inflated balloon sculpture, looming over the VIP opening of Frieze 2016 on Wednesday night. The grungy weather certainly didn't stop the hordes from migrating to Randall's Island, with everyone from celebrity art collectors to secret millionaires to lowly interns who managed to swipe a VIP pass converged under the enormous white awning.

Alex da Corte's installation is a replica of the gargantuan baby that floats above Gotham in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman -- in fact, da Corte notes, "This is a replica of a replica." Another artist, Philippe Parreno, previously created the installation in a small gallery, the balloon pressing preposterously against the containment of the space. Da Corte, however, has released his monster over New York City, casting the shadowy identity of Gotham across our urban landscape. Da Corte notes, “It kind of proposes that the spectacle of the fair and the spectacle of the film have some kind of kinship,” -- Mr. da Corte, do you mean to -- like the Joker -- point the finger at the all consuming greed and desire of those who frequent the Frieze art fair?



Kelsey Leonard