We’re calling this one, “Joan Mitchell, ft. Spaz.”

In all seriousness, this is Joan Mitchell’s incredible painting “Untitled,” from 1971. This painting epitomizes what I love most about Mitchell’s paintings: her ability to strike a perfect, harmonious balance between seemingly dueling forces. Her palette is exuberant, but refined --  the bright red and yellow are stabilized by dark green and blue, the tones mixing in an intricate layering of color and brushstroke. Although abstract, her forms cluster together in the upper left of the canvas, creating a larger mass that seems to represent something. What, we do not know – but there is no hint of random chaos here. The intensely saturated forms hover above the opaque white of the background, pulling the viewer up into the upper left of the heavens with them.


 Sucks that I’m being such a spaz in front of it. ;) 

Kelsey Leonard