But first, let me take a selfie....with the Selfie Queen of Contemporary Art, Cindy Sherman! Sherman inaugurates the renovated Metro Pictures gallery space with a fantastic exhibition of her first new body of work since 2012.

Sherman has always worked in spurts of creativity, withdrawing to her studio for years at a time to allow her creativity to evolve and percolate independently. In this latest series, Sherman continues her study of the female psyche by performing the identity of the 1920's Hollywood star. The dominant poses, exaggerated make-up, and obvious wealth of these women all speak to a determined independence; indeed, the 1920's were the first era in which women began to assert femininity and strength simultaneously. Seductive and stubborn, beautiful and grotesque, Sherman expertly performs the familiar problems of the female role in her photographs, forcing the viewer to confront his or her own role in the endless charade of gender. 

Kelsey Leonard