For me, anywhere Donald Judd called home is DEFINITELY the Motherland.

In all seriousness, the trip I took with my mom to Marfa this summer was incredible. First, it was so amazing to be spending that much uninterrupted time with my mother -- as the oldest of three, that is rare. Second, it was SUCH a treat to be exploring a place as culturally rich, incredibly odd, and strikingly beautiful as Marfa, Texas.

One of the coolest parts of the trip was exploring Donald Judd's sprawling home and studio in downtown Marfa. The house and studio are protected behind high walls, and no one but his children is allowed in the central house. We were able to explore Judd's work spaces, however -- which featured a wonderful selection of some of Judd's most recognizable series. 

Judd's "Stacks" are among his most famous forms, towering rows of identical, stainless steel boxes arranged at even intervals upon a wall. The forms neatly articulate both positive and negative space, creating a form that creates forms from air itself. By creating multiple variations of the Stacks -- different sizes, colors, materials -- Judd was able to comment on the infinite effects of an utterly simplistic pattern. 

Kelsey Leonard